One thought on “Veteran’s Day Celebration

  1. Here is the correct info for the Nov 10th meeting of the Malheur Country Historical Society.

    Dear members and friends of the Malheur Country Historical Society. Our next, and final meeting for 2016, will be held at the Grange Hall near Cairo Junction at noon on 11-10-2016. Because this meeting is at the Grange Hall we need to know how many will be eating and reservations must be made. Our program is being arranged by Bob Butler and Gary McClellan and will feature an old movie promoting “buying at home in Vale” which was recently found (a great story that we will hear about) and reconstructed for modern viewing. In addition Bob and Gary have accumulated many other historical photos of the Vale area and we are hoping that you can help us identify individuals from the film and photographs. Please make your reservations soon so we can arrange for enough food. For reservations please call Eunice at 541-889-4610 or Bonnie at 541-881-7750. If you plan to come for the program only please notify Eunice or Bonnie so that we can arrange for extra chairs. We will have some of our videos available for purchase at an Annual Dinner special discount of $10 for single disc programs and $12 for two disc programs. Please join us for a wonderful program. Dorin Daniels (Pres – MCHS)

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