1st Annual Payette County Challenge

I am so stoked about an upcoming community event/fundraiser in Payette County. That I’m aware of, there’s never been one like it locally, and it’s sure to be hit with folks.

The Payette County Challenge is a community event which pits 20 teams of two against each other in a race around the county, including a dozen challenging stops that will test their physical and mental strength.

The competition’s brochure states that the teams will depart from a local park with instructions to travel to 12 undisclosed locations in Payette County. When they arrive, they must undergo various challenges to gain points and clues, before being directed to the next mystery location.

At stake are cash prizes as well as gift certificates and merchandise from sponsors.

Benefiting from this event, besides some lucky participants, is the Paula D Winsor Foundation which is a local non-profit named after a beloved woman who had a passion for libraries and helping others. The Foundation was established in 2016 to provide opportunties for youth in the Payette County area to pursue their education goals and to support the health of the community by supporting enhanced resources for recreational opportunities.

There are still a couple of opportunities for local business/commercial locations to become sponsors of this event and then of course the team registration is open now. Cost to participate for a team is $110, participants must be 16 years or older and have a third person, over 21 years of age, to be their driver for the entire event. Lunch will also be provided to the event participants.

Particpants can get information and also register on the Paula D Winsor Foundation Facebook page, as well as the event listing on this calendar.

Also, check out this video this explains the whole event pretty well, as well!

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