This site provides information on community events near you. Event listings cover Malheur County in Oregon and Payette and Washington Counties in Idaho. Events in Ontario, Nyssa, Vale, Harper, Jordan Valley, Payette, Fruitland, New Plymouth, Weiser, Council, Cambridge and Midvale.

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    • Lawrence,
      Are you interested in speaking to someone about becoming an agent for a long-standing, life insurance type company in the Treasure Valley?

  1. I have a neighbor who moved here from California and is looking for a riding group. She rides side saddle and trail rides and is looking for anyone in the area with similar interests. Jamieson area.

  2. Hi Liz,
    Excellent Community Calendar! Thank you for all that you do.
    FYI: The Toastmasters Public Speaking Organization is now meeting on Thursdays at the TVCC Science Lab bldg., or the Weese bldg. this is temporary for the summer, I believe.

    For information, please contact Tyson Devereux []

    • Hi There, I haven’t received info on that event yet, but it’s usually the 1st Saturday in May.
      The second full week in May is always the Apple Blossom in Payette and so that will run May 8th thru May 13th.

      I see you have a fruitland schools email and have a favor to ask of you:
      I am involved with an organization (Modern Woodmen of America) that gave a Hometown Hero award last
      month to Bev Smith during a football game. I had to leave early and I am the one who submits
      the report to home office and need to talk to Bev because her award entitles her to have a $100
      donation made in her name to the charity of her choice. The number I have for her is actually her
      husband’s and I have left a couple of messages and not heard anything back.
      Will you please forward my message to Bev and ask her to call me at her earliest convenience
      at 208-740-0111 ? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks, Liz Amason

  3. I would like to put my crafts in a Holiday Bazzar, I live in Payette, I only just moved to the Payette area a short time ago. My name is Cheryl and I have unique style of my crafts. Please let me know of a smaller Bazzar that would not cost me a lot of money, I am on a limited budget. 208 614 7896, maybe someone could share their table with me. I don’t have a big invotory. I am working on my crafts. I look forward hearing from someone. Thank you, Cheryl Miklas.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I must first apologize that I just found your message today (Christmas). I feel really bad, because I could of referred you to a couple of opportunities in the Payette area.
      I am going to keep your name, number and email handy, as I am often hearing about or involved in some type of event. Also, please feel free to friend me on Facebook and also follow my Facebook page at
      Again, I’m sorry that I didn’t see your message sooner.
      Warmest regards,
      Liz Amason

    • Cheryl,
      My apologies for just now seeing your message!!!!
      First, please subscribe to the Payette Valley Food Connections email list, as they manage the Payette Farmers Market. Here’s a link to subscribe:

      Also, please email me at with more information about your products. I am involved with a few groups and often hear about upcoming events with little to no cost for vendor space.

      You can also check with the gals at Refined Style on Main Street in Payette. They are offering some options for other vendors, but I’m not sure the cost.

      And lastly, please considering joining the Facebook Group, Payette Community Alliance Network. There are events regularly posted on that page.

      Again, thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry for just now seeing your message.

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